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Sight is having the ability to see things as they currently are.
Vision is having the capability to see things as they could be.

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity is a competitive advantage. Identity creates brand clarity, recall, and equity — which is a pathway to customer acquisition.

BeGreat!™ specializes in the development of brand identity programs… brand names, wordmarks, brandmarks, and trademarks.

We eat our own dog food. The BeGreat!™  brand style guide provides an example of the quality of our creative work and the brand identity deliverables we produce.

We approach brand identity projects by doing market research and competitive analysis — we use the learnings to inform our creative vision and strategic thinking for your brand.

Our brand identity program starts at $3,500 (two equal payments) and it typically takes 4 weeks to complete. You will receive a comprehensive brand identity package of deliverables and source files.

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Over 50,000 Hours of Marketing + Branding + Advertising Experience

Anthony Ragland, Fractional CMO Bio Picture

Anthony M. Ragland is a roll-up-his-sleeves marketing executive, creative director, and advertising practitioner with over 22 years of experience solving complex business, marketing, and sales problems.

Ragland brings comprehensive knowledge, skills, and abilities pertaining to strategic and tactical execution of integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaigns that scale and achieve revenue growth.

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