SEO An Hour A Day for 365 (SEO365℠)

It’s the dawn of a new new frontier. The future of Search (web, mobile, video, & voice) is near. Right now, a new user behavior of searching with AI is forming. And, Google Search Labs is working on a new way to search called SGE. The future of Search is just around the corner.

Here’s three questions to think about…

Have you optimized your website content and structure for E-E-A-T? Is your marketing positioned to capitalize on modern Search, be an early-adopter, and gain a first-mover advantage? Will your company win the new race to the top of Search?

SEO365 campaigns are designed to catalyze your company’s Search listings, organic traffic, and digital revenue for the future. Learn how we do it below.

Why are daily SEO updates & upgrades important?

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SEO365 keeps your website fresh, fast and frictionless.

How does the SEO An Hour A Day for 365 (SEO365) work?

Daily SEO Stacking
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SEO365 is a 365 day campaign of stacked SEO improvements.

Why SEO365 campaigns are transparent & trustworthy?

SEO365 Client Dashboard
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SEO365 clients have a portal to see our daily SEO work + wins.

What are the Benefits of SEO Stacking™?

SEO Stacking™ is a methodology founded by BeGreat! Agency that creates continuous SEO forward momentum. Made simple, it’s pushing the flywheel down hill, instead of pulling it up hill.

Daily SEO improvements for a 365 day campaign is how to sustainably grow your company’s website on Search (web, mobile, & voice). It’s an equation. Daily SEO improvements stack, compound, and multiply to produce consistent Search gains, SEO wins, and digital revenue growth.

As our client, you benefit from our proven SEO method, skilled SEO practitioners, and daily SEO Stacking process. SEO365 campaigns are revenue drivers. It’s playing the long-game. It’s rope-a-doping your competitors (they won’t know what hit’em). SEO365 is chess, not checkers.

Transparent Client Experience and Trustworthy SEO Services is What You Can Expect

“Quality service and client experience are the keystones of our SEO services. We aim to be among the best in the world at showing and proving our SEO work. We’re aware of the SEO disservice and malpractice at the bottom-levels of the SEO industry. And we’ve solved those problem. When you sign up for a SEO365 campaign, your SEO practitioner writes journal entries in your client dashboard. We write about our daily SEO work & wins. You’ll know what we’re doing every step of the way.”

Anthony M. Ragland
Head of SEO

The 12 Focus Areas of a SEO365℠ Campaign

Generative AI

Optimize website with AI SEO tools and for Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Google E-E-A-T

Optimize for E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, and Authoritativeness Trustworthiness)

User Research

Optimize based on clickstream data, user feedback, and user experience

SEO Strategy

Strategize the SEO roadmap, content creation, and SEO365 campaign calendar

Content Creation

Leverage generative AI to enhance human-first copywriting & content creation

UX/UI Design

Optimize user experience to improve task completion and conversion rates

Web Development

Conduct web development to the website as needed to improve SEO and UX

Search Engines

Optimize Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with Google Search Console

Content Distribution

Build or enhance SEO content distribution network to optimize reach & traffic

Digital PR

Implement digital PR strategy to pitch journalists for mentions & links

Growth Hacking

Deploy conversion rate optimization & growth hacking to drive revenue

Data Analysis

Produce actionable data analysis from quantitative & qualitative analytics

Modern SEO Services with Google Tools

Our SEO practitioners use Google products, tools, and resources to upgrade and make your WordPress website awesome. Choose experience and expertise. Choose to BeGreat!

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What are the Results of a SEO365℠ Campaign?

Imagine your company website operating at 100% CWV performance, with meticulously optimized content for the future of Search (web, mobile, & voice).

You’ll have a decisive competitive advantage. For one thing, your competitors are not likely doing SEO improvements to their website. And for another, they won’t be doing SEO improvements at the level of a SEO365 campaign.

Your company website will be in a pole position to outperform your competitors on Search. And you’ll give your website visitors a delightful and frictionless user experience (UX). A better UX translates into predictable, sustainable, and scalable revenue growth. Here’s a well researched article from Medium about why UX increases digital revenue (spoiler: for every $1 invested in UX, there’s a return of $100, translating to an ROI of 9,900%).

Test Your Site's Core Web Vitals & Rich Results

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Step 1: Run a CWV test on your website with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

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Step 2: Run a Schema test on your website with Google’s rich results tool?

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Step 3: If your website failed CWV & needs Schema improvements, contact us.

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Test for Core Web Vitals & Rich Results.
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Ragland brings comprehensive knowledge, skills, and abilities pertaining to strategic and tactical execution of integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaigns that scale and achieve revenue growth.

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