The 4 Types of Marketing Operations

The model below is from The Book of Revenue, improvised based on The Pedowitz Revenue Marketing Journey.

  • Traditional

    Marketing as party planner and cost center.

    Focused on brand building and awareness.

    Not even generating leads.

    Accountable for expense and campaigns.

  • Lead Generation

    Marketing became little more tactical – emails for lead generation

    Focused on optimizing cost-per-lead.

    Generating leads but not aligned with sales pursuits.

    Accountable for expense and lead gen activities.

  • Demand Generation

    Marketing became automated with introduction of MarTech

    Focused on MQL, SQL, and optimizing the funnel

    Aligned with sales, yet lot of disagreements on lead quality

    Started accounting for costs and revenue pipeline

  • Revenue Marketing

    MarTech to map the entire customer journey and revenue attribution

    Focused on building revenue predictability and a repeatable process

    Aligned with sales and customer service as a revenue team

    Accountable for revenue generated, ROI, and revenue forecast

Your Outsourced Revenue Marketing Ops

BeGreat!™ collaborates with B2B firms to productize and operationalize their services for predictable revenue growth.

When the objective is clear: “Grow Client Revenue”… then our mission becomes crystal clear. That’s why we provide our clients with a fully-integrated team, built within a fully-aligned revenue marketing operation to accomplish their objective.

As you will see in the ‘How it Works’ section below, our clients get XII individually-important units within their outsourced operation, each with expert practitioners executing strategy, implementing tactics, and carrying out tasks.

Our XII solution will build your company a predictable, measurable, and scalable marketing system built for long-term sales and revenue growth.

Our clients benefit from BeGreat! Agency’s drive, focus and passion to grow their companies.

Your Fractional CMO & Client Partner

Anthony M. Ragland is a Fractional CMO & Client Partner for BeGreat! Agency. He leads the XII production units below. Our clients get cross-functional revenue marketing operations.

I . Research

Research and analysis is the foundation of all successful marketing strategies. Our R&D unit at BeGreat! Agency is the core of our revenue marketing operation. Our Fractional CMO directs this unit because R&D requires senior-level thought leadership. We’ve learned that subpar R&D leads to mediocre marketing performance and lackluster execution.

II. Strategy

Once we have research intelligence on your target audiences, customers, competition, and industry, it’s time for strategic planning. BeGreat! Agency leverages decades of principled marketing knowledge and pragmatic marketing experience to formulate a revenue marketing strategy to move the needle and position our clients for growth.

III. Creative

BeGreat! provides revenue marketing clients with a world-class creative team. The team includes dedicated access to our Fractional CMO, Creative Director, Copywriter, UI Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Videographer. Our creative team produces top-shelf branded assets that strengthens brands and resonates with target audiences.

IV. Development

Our founder has a long-standing alliance with one of India’s top web development companies. Our dev unit includes over 300 WordPress, Shopify, PHP, and JavaScript developers. Together, we have vast experience building enterprise-level, fast-loading, SEO-optimized, and responsive user experiences that attract and convert customers.

V. Copywriting

Professional copywriting is an art and science. BeGreat! copywriters are fundamentally sound writers skilled in the art of UX, sales and persuasive writing. We write copy to evoke emotions, overcome objections, and achieve message-market fit. Our agency provides revenue marketing clients with copywriting services rooted in proven frameworks.

VI. Inbound & Outbound

A robust revenue marketing engine requires inbound and outbound motions to maximize revenue acquisition. This specialized unit creates an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan for our clients. Their IMC fits seamlessly across digital and traditional media channels. Our inbound and outbound experts give clients an advantage.

VII. Multimedia

The dynamic and talented multimedia unit at BeGreat! consists of outsourced animators, sound engineers, filmmakers, motion designers, and video production crews. Our long-standing alliance with top multimedia freelance talent enables us to be agile and lean. We hand-select the best talent for client revenue marketing projects and campaigns.

VIII. Optimization

BeGreat! aims to be among the best in the world at marketing optimization. This unit of practitioners are experts at search engine optimization (SEO), conversation rate optimization (CRO), app store optimization (ASO), and paid media optimization (PMO). Scientifically and methodically, we increase revenue by optimizing digital experiences.

IX. Campaign Creation

BeGreat! Agency practices the principles of integrated marketing communications (IMC). Our campaign creation unit combines IMC with modern digital marketing principles to produce an IntegratedMBA℠ campaign. IntegratedMBA is our formula for integrated marketing + branding + advertising = revenue. We build campaigns that have growth levers.

X. Media Buying

Unlike most agencies, the BeGreat! paid media unit is closely-lead by an experienced advertising and paid media expert. Our Fractional CMO brings over 25 years of advertising experience to our clients’ paid media campaigns. We’re scientific at R&D, audience research, platform targeting, media buying, and campaign optimization.

XI. Management

Clients require agile revenue marketing management for units to create predictable, repeatable, measurable, sustainable, and scalable results. Your fractional CMO’s most important role is to operationalize, productize, and monetize the work being done. Our client partners benefit from BeGreat! Agency’s well-managed revenue marketing operation.

XII. Analytics

The BeGreat! analytics unit is responsible for collecting and reporting marketing data. This includes establishing and tracking the lead measures, lag measures, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for all revenue marketing projects. This unit is well-versed in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tags, Facebook Ads, and other marketing analytics platforms.

Value-Based Pricing for Retainer Projects

Outsourced Revenue Marketing + Scientific Advertising Practitioners for B2B, DTC, and SaaS Companies with $1MM+ in Annual Revenue

Full-Service XII Operations + Strategy & Execution

Who It’s For:
Revenue Marketing XII Ops are for companies who are underperforming in marketing or if marketing is a cost center at your company. This engagement is a good fit for clients serious about changing their company’s trajectory with a revenue marketing & scientific advertising system.

What You Get:
. Revenue Marketing Ops Team: Your XII Ops Team includes a Fractional CMO, Creative Director, Copywriter, Design Team, and Development Team. Our agency has access to top freelance content creators, SEO experts, analytics experts, conversion rate experts, filmmakers, and video production crews on an as needed basis.

Retainer plans starting from $12K /month; $32K /per quarter; or $64K /bi-annually (6-month minimum commitment)

Project-Based Pricing for Scope-of-Work Projects

BeGreat! Agency offers short-term consulting engagements and production sprints.

WordPress Webmaster + SEO Practitioner Sprints

Who It’s For:
BeGreat-Logo-Animation-All-WhiteThe 8-week WordPress Webmaster + SEO Sprint is for companies who have a WordPress website in need of long-overdue maintenance.

It’s critical for business-related WordPress websites to receive routine webmaster services & upgrades. We’ve seen WordPress business websites with dozens of outdated plugins, thousands of spam comments, and countless other cybersecurity risks. We’ve seen WordPress websites get hacked and completely disappear because of these critical issues and risks.

During an 8-week sprint, BeGreat! can upgrade your company’s WordPress website and dramatically improve it. Our agency partner has over 300 expert WordPress web developers. BeGreat! Agency aims to be great (no pun intended) at helping our clients dramatically improve & upgrade their WordPress business websites in only 8-weeks.

What You Get:
. Your WordPress Webmaster & SEO Practitioner will conduct a comprehensive deep dive audit of your WordPress business website and produce an precise Diagnostic Report of the technical tasks required to upgrade and improve performance. Your client partner will interview you to discuss the user experience (UX), messaging, and SEO areas of your website that need improvement.

. Your Webmaster + SEO will write a clear Scope of Work (SoW) for the 8-week sprint. Your SoW will outline our team’s weekly tasks one-by-one. Each task on your SoW will have an empty check box beside it. Upon approval of your SoW, we will kick-off the sprint and begin racing to the finish line to check-off all your SoW tasks, upgrades, and improvements to your WordPress business website.

One-time fee starting at $8,500 (USD) for an 8-week WordPress Webmaster + SEO Sprint

Revenue Marketing + Ad Campaign Sprint

Who It’s For:
Revenue Marketing Sprints are for B2B, DTC, and SaaS companies facing revenue growth challenges. It’s a 8-week consulting & creative engagement that includes three 60-minute consultations.

What You Get:
. You will receive a strategy for a sales-focused advertising campaign + a package of 36 Branded Creative Assets. You’ll also receive a Revenue Marketing Strategic Plan written by our Fraction CMO. In your strategic plan, we will summarize your current marketing situation, analyze our research findings, and recommend revenue growth solutions.

One-time fee starting at $8,500 (8-week sprint). Learn more here.

UX/UI Design Sprint

Who It’s For:
UX/UI Design Sprints are for companies with poor-performing websites who are ready to upgrade to a revenue marketing website that differentiates and positions their brand for growth.

What You Get:
. Outsourced Creative Team For 5 days per week for a 3 month engagement, your project will receive a dedicated Creative Director, UX Copywriter, Project Manager, UI Designer, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer. The final deliverable will be a custom design  User Experience (UX) and UI Kit.

One-time fee starting at $24,000 (3 month engagement)

WordPress Development Sprint

Who It’s For:
WordPress Development Sprints are for companies who have an in-house design team, but require WordPress VIP enterprise-grade development. Our dev partner brings 300+ WordPress developers.

What You Get:
. Outsourced Creative Team For 5 days per week for a 2 month engagement, your project will receive a Project Manager and WordPress Dev team building your project. The final deliverable will be a secure, fast-loading, SEO-optimized, and delightful responsive experience for your users.

One-time fee starting at $18,000 (3 month engagement)