Revenue Marketing + Ad Campaign Sprint

Leverage the first principles of marketing, advertising, and sales to create revenue growth on a 8-week sprint with BeGreat!

C reative ad campaigns are a solution for increasing your sales and revenue. Successful ad campaigns that produce millions of dollars in revenue are 75% creative strategy & execution; 25% placement, targeting, and optimization.

If your company is facing revenue growth challenges, then we encourage you to get creative with BeGreat! Agency. Continue reading to learn more about going on a 8-week revenue marketing + ad campaign sprint with our fractional CMO, research associates, and creative team.


What We’ll Create on Your
8-Week Ad Campaign Sprint:

  • Integrated Ad Campaign

  • Campaign Asset Library

  • Campaign Style Guide

Here’s How The Sprint works

1 First, our fractional CMO will exam your current marketing and sales challenges with you. He will focus on finding ways to improve your customer acquisition and retention. This includes lead generation, nurturing, cross-sells, an up-sells. He will also work with you on raising your conversion & win rates, shortening your sales cycle, and improving your other key revenue metrics.

2 Next, our research associates will conduct a customer profile and audience research study. We will also conduct a competitive intelligence study to identify opportunities in
your market. And we will analyze the openly-available marketing data on your competitors to inspire creativity.

3 Then, our creative team will design a sales-focused ad campaign for your product or service. You will receive a package of 36 Branded Creative Assets for one integrated ad campaign. Your package will include branded video ads, motion graphic ads, text ads, responsive ads, social media graphics, HTML email designs, written copy, voice-overs, landing page designs, and a campaign style guide.

4 Your final deliverable is a Revenue Marketing Strategic Plan, custom written by our fractional CMO. In your plan, we will summarize your current marketing situation, analyze our research findings, and recommend revenue growth solutions.

Here’s What It Includes

The 8-week revenue marketing + ad campaign sprint includes:

  • Three Bi-Weekly 1-hour Zoom Strategy + Creative Ideation Sessions
  • Independent Research time for Customer &, Competitive Research, & Strategic Planning
  • Creative Concept for a Sales-Focused Ad Campaign + Package of 36 Branded Creative Assets
  • Revenue Marketing Strategic Plan written by our fractional CMO, Anthony M. Ragland

You will receive the package of 36 creative assets + the revenue marketing strategic plan at the finish line of the 8-week sprint.

Here’s The Next Step

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