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Our Agency Guarantee to Clients

About The Guarantee

The BeGreat! Agency guarantees our client partners a 200% or more return-on-investment (ROI) on the one-time GIG program campaign research, creation, and management fee.

We also guarantee our client partners year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth greater than the percentage of inflation… which is approximately a 110% YoY revenue increase.

We believe GIG program client partners will earn between 2X to 5X (200% to 500%) YoY revenue growth from the implementation of an IntegratedMBA campaign and execution of our EverydayGreatness methodology during an 18-month marketing + branding + advertising lifecycle.

The Guarantee Policy

If BeGreat! does not achieve the guaranteed 200% ROI and 110% YoY revenue growth for our client partner during the 18-month GIG program, then we will implement a new IntegratedMBA campaign and EverydayGreatness program for free until we achieve the guarantee.

With the lessons learned from the first campaign, BeGreat! will be positioned to create an even better IntegratedMBA campaign, and execute an even smarter EverydayGreatness methodology on behalf of our client partner at no charge.

BeGreat! will be responsible for all agency expenses and marketing fees during the second 18-month deployment. Our guarantee policy removes the risk and eliminates the barrier to your greatness… a great outcome is inevitable.

Featured Client Brand Marketing Video

BeGreat! Agency wrote, casted, and produced this brand marketing video for CMO Swipe File™.