Anthony Ragland

Fractional CMO

Monday, July 22, 2024

How Competitive Are You?


And thank you for your interest.

I wrote this letter to competitive business owners, operators, and marketers who want to race to the top of their industry.

This letter is 1,079 words. It’s full of hidden gems. And it’s easy-to-read.

I’ll start by sharing a quick story. And then I’ll share a low-risk opportunity with you.

Spoiler Alert: Our agency wants to do competitive intelligence research for your business. And use it to help you improve your marketing strategy and revenue trajectory.

Ready… let’s dive in.

Have you heard of David Ogilvy?

David Ogilvy is know as the “Father of Advertising”. Most people in advertising see him as the greatest ad man ever.

Mr. Ogilvy attributes the success of his ad campaigns to his meticulous research skills.

Makes sense right…

In his book, “Ogilvy on Advertising”, he writes about how to sell in the digital age.

He famously wrote:

“Study the methods of your competitors and do the exact opposite.”

So simple. So wise. And so principled.

The takeaway is you have to differentiate your products and services in the marketplace to compete and position your company to race to the top.

It’s remarkable how few entrepreneurs, marketers and agencies conduct competitive intelligence research. In my professional opinion, this pitfall is linked to the widespread mediocrity and poor performance in digital marketing today.

Their folly, is your opportunity.

The principles that govern the marketing and advertising industry lead to success. It’s unwise to ignore and not apply them.

1.) Competitive intelligence research is a first principle that leads to a better marketing strategy.

2.) A better marketing strategy leads to a better customer acquisition strategy.

3.) And a better customer acquisition strategy leads to revenue growth.

As I write this letter to you, I’m reminded of my mentor.

He recently said to me…

Sight is having the ability to see things as they currently are.
Vision is having the capability to see things as they could be.”

His wise words lead me back to the spoiler alert from above.

Our agency, BeGreat!TM, wants to do competitive intelligence research for your business. And use it to help you improve your marketing strategy and revenue trajectory.

Competitive intelligence gives you a clear line of sight. It also provides you with clarity of vision. And just as important, it empowers your team to have a mission and execute your strategy with confidence.

It’s wise to study the openly-available digital marketing data on your competitors.

It’s also wise to use competitive intelligence research to improve your marketing strategy.

I often say digital marketing is like a professional sport. Competition is fierce & formidable. You either win, or you lose in sports… same is true in digital marketing.

Elite teams play to win and race to the top. Elite professionals apply wisdom and knowledge from experts to gain a competitive advantage.

This is an opportunity for you to avoid the biggest pitfall in digital marketing today.

This is an opportunity for you to play to win and race to the top.

Here’s your opportunity.

To celebrate my 25th year in digital marketing, I’d like to offer you a low-risk opportunity to engage our agency’s competitive intelligence research team for your business.

Our agency’s consulting fee for a 3-week competitive intelligence research study is $2,400.

But until March 14, 2024… you have an opportunity to engage our research director (me) and associates to conduct a study of your competitors for a $750 deposit (non-refundable).

So for a deposit of only $750…

You have an opportunity to gain insights and visibility into how to outperform your competitors on digital media.

I will present your competitive intelligence research & analysis reports to you on a Zoom call at the conclusion of our 3-week internal research study.

At that time, you will have the option to pay the remaining research fee of $1,650 for a copy of the competitive intelligence research documents and our digital marketing analysis reports.

If you do not want a copy of the documents, then you pay nothing.

We will apply your $750 deposit towards our billable time. And you can walk away after your Zoom call having gained valuable insights and visibility into your competitors’ digital marketing.

Here’s a link to get started today: schedule a competitive intelligence research intake meeting .

Here’s what you can expect next…

After you schedule a competitive intelligence intake meeting on our appointment calendar, I will email you to confirm the day and time of your meeting. I will also email you a short questionnaire asking you about your current digital marketing activities and your top 3 industry competitors.

Next, my associates and I will begin collecting the openly-available digital marketing data on your competitors. And, we will begin analyzing your competitive data during a 3-week internal research study.

Upon completion of our study, I will review and discuss our research findings with you on a Zoom meeting. On the call, I will provide you with a strategic analysis of your competitive intelligence research. My aim is to give you insights into the marketing opportunities and competitive threats facing your company.

Here’s how it works & what you get:

BeGreat! Agency will conduct a deep dive research study of the openly-available digital marketing data on your top 3 competitors.

We will study your competitors:

  • Website performance, SEO data, brand positioning, user experience, and marketing technology.
  • Search engine rankings, website traffic, top performing pages, backlinks, and SEO tactics.
  • Google pay-per-click ads (text & banner ads) and their overall Google Ads performance.
  • Facebook & Instagram ads (text, image, & video ads) and their overall social media advertising performance.
  • We will review the top performing openly-available digital marketing data in your industry, and conduct an analysis of your competitive landscape on digital media channels.
  • We will perform a comprehensive audit & analysis of your website, review your openly-available digital marketing data, and share our recommendations to improve your digital marketing performance.

Your next step is to schedule your competitive intelligence research intake meeting with me. We have limited space and time on our appointment calendar. We are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thank you… I look forward to the research discoveries and set of possibilities ahead.

All the best,

Anthony Ragland
Fractional CMO
BeGreat!™ Agency

If you’re still reading, thank you! I’m very grateful for your time and interest. I hope you found a hidden gem or two.  I’m also curious to hear your feedback about my letter.

If you want to share your thoughts, please send us an email.