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50 Best crypto traders to follow on Twitter : CryptoCurrency

The account is constantly posting material crypto news that would be of great value to a crypto trader. Crypto traders who use technical analysis to structure their trades will also love Income Sharks. While most of the traders in the crypto-verse are mostly men, Nicola Duke is a trader from London who has about 94.9K followers on Twitter. Apart from Twitter, Duke is also active on Facebook as well as YouTube. With 10 years of experience in technical analysis, Duke’s charts vary from Bitcoins to different altcoins. Twitter is an excellent social media platform for coverage of the cryptocurrency market.

  • You can expect frequent content about the crypto markets supported by high-quality research and graphs from the Block research arm.
  • Eva is the COO at the crypto fund and research firm, Arcane.
  • Due to his extensive experience, Chris is able to draw analysis from a variety of trading methods, which helps to create a holistic overview of the current market.
  • Alex is the CEO of Nansen, a leading crypto and NFT insights company.
  • Here’s a list of top crypto traders on Twitter to follow for those who are looking to make use of the alt season or even Bitcoin’s stable price movement.

Twitter account is an extremely trendy social media app for personal and professional environments. It’s easily accessible, user-friendly and posts can reach thousands, if not millions, of people. Novel prize-winner Paul Krugman is an economics professor who tweets primarily about the US economy and policy decisions. He sheds an academic light on major market events often backed by relevant numbers, which allows traders to cut through the noise of other Twitter accounts. Twitter is the way to go for any serious trader who wants valuable, timely and actionable information on the financial markets. Nathaniel founded NLW & Co a crypto consultancy firm for companies and investment funds.

One of the newer faces in the Twitter cryptocurrency space, im_goomba provides followers with a large array of charts and information about different altcoins. This account is also one of the best followers when it comes to keeping up with the growing Decentralised Finance space. Josh Rager keeps followers updated with all the major moves in the Bitcoin market, along with some great tips and analysis.

Provides useful insights into both the cryptocurrency markets and trading more broadly. Regular price updates and predictions for major cryptos, but lighter on charts and in-depth analysis than some other accounts. As the cryptocurrency investing space continues to grow, there are more and more experts and influencers emerging every day with great advice for traders to follow.

Traditional Digital Marketing Plans vs. Crypto Digital Marketing Plans

Today, you can find a myriad of accounts giving crypto trading advice and sharing tips. Many of them are experienced traders with verifiable results to show. Others just peddle rumors and false information around. You can expect frequent content about the crypto markets supported by high-quality research and graphs from the Block research arm. Recently, Larry made waves publishing a crypto knowledge test in search of his next intern, becoming quite popular on Twitter and attracting many experts to test their crypto skills.

The Best Crypto Trader to Follow on Twitter

Note that this article does not constitute financial or investment advice. Peter Brandt is a veteran financial analyst and renowned trader who is currently the CEO of Factor, a global trading firm. With over 575,000 followers on Twitter, Brandt is widely considered to be one of the foremost experts on applying classical charting practices to futures and forex market trading. He published his book, Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader, in 2011. He has also appeared on CNBC discussing the digital currency. A lot of people are into cryptocurrencies because they want to get rich.

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MetaKey and runs a Youtube channel where he constantly shares what is happening in the NFT world. Here we curated the best Twitter NFT Accounts which constantly share great information and NFT projects. Some Twitter account here we mentioned helps you teach NFT, some would help you find great NFT projects and some would help you to be NFT collectors. Thousand of NFT projects are getting launched each passing day and it is very harder to find legit NFT projects. With the increase in NFT popularity, there is a raise in NFT Scams as well.


Meltem Demirors is Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, a digital asset investment firm. You can find her valuable insights about crypto, investment, and venture capital across the main finance and crypto publications and Twitter. Note that the crypto influencers mentioned in this article can get their analysis and predictions wrong.

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